Academics and student researchers everywhere can benefit from a new web-based application for performing qualitative analyses using Leximancer, a software platform developed by the Institute for Social Science Research’s Dr Andrew Smith and his team at  The University of Queensland.

Leximancer Pty Ltd and Lexical Edge (a Leximancer North American Partner) have launched – a free portal to a unique online community and resources for qualitative data analysis using Leximancer software.

Leximancer Pty Ltd was established in 2006 by UQ’s main commercialisation company, UniQuest, to make the groundbreaking text analytics software accessible on a global scale.

“The Leximancer text analytics software has thrived in the academic communities of more than 100 universities internationally, as well as being used extensively in the commercial world and by government agencies,” said UniQuest Managing Director, David Henderson.

“Partnering with Lexical Edge has enabled the technology to be developed into new applications, and we are very excited to see Leximancer reach this point where it can be responsive to specific market needs,” Mr Henderson said.

Qualitative research projects have large amounts of data, require decisions that impact the value of the analysis, and often involve mastering expensive and complex software analysis tools. supports and connects experienced qualitative researchers, and introduces beginners to Leximancer qualitative software.

“Revealing the meaning in data is the Holy Grail of qualitative research, and it used to be a lonely and expensive quest.” said Lexical Edge CEO, Mike Neal.

“This is no longer the case as provides a guide and companion for the journey,” he said.

While is expected to be adopted by academic researchers, commercial users can also benefit.

“Researchers, instructors, professors, students, and commercial analysts can go to and find resources and an active online community for training, discussing research ideas and approaches, and expanding their knowledge of qualitative analysis, text analytics, text mining, big data challenges, and social media analysis,” Mr Neal said. is sponsored by Lexical Edge and provided at no cost to users. Free accounts can be registered by visiting the site:

More information is also available by emailing

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