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Read about how UQ researchers have partnered with UniQuest to deliver solutions for a better world.

gardasil cervica cancer vaccine

Gardasil®: A global solution to eradicating cervical cancer

From its origins in groundbreaking research at The University of Queensland, to its use in more than 130 countries worldwide, the Gardasil® cervical cancer vaccine has led to a decrease of approximately 90 per cent in the prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV), the major cause of cervical cancer.

Encapsulated probiotic drink a world first

The world’s first encapsulated probiotic drink uses patented micro-shield technology to deliver targeted in-gut release of effective probiotics.

Bringing the benefits of positive parenting and healthy communities to the world

The Triple P-Positive Parenting Program is changing the lives of millions of families around the world and helping to build stronger, more resilient communities.

Two-thirds of MRI scanners around the world use UQ's MRI image technology

MRI scan technology is saving lives around the world

UQ’s innovative technology, which is used in most of the world’s MRI machines, has helped more than 8 billion people across the globe.

UQ's Vaxxas Nanopatch is a novel vaccine delivery technology to target vaccines to the cells immediately below the surface of the skin.

UQ technology with the power to revolutionise global vaccine delivery

Nanopatch™ technology developed by Professor Mark Kendall could have a global impact by improving vaccines so they no longer have to be administered by needle and syringe.

UQ's ResAppDx smartphone app is being used to diagnose respiratory diseases in a range of settings.

A smartphone app helping doctors and patients breathe easier

Just one cough and a simple and inexpensive new smartphone technology can instantly and accurately identify respiratory diseases.

UQ Research Impact Areas

UQ research creates value that translates into impact for our local community, Australian society and in far-reaching places around the globe. UniQuest partners with UQ researchers to commercialise their research ideas across five key impact areas.

leading healthy lives icon

Leading healthy lives

From breakthroughs in dementia and concussion treatment to pain relief and cancer drugs that are already improving thousands of lives globally, UQ develops solutions that make us a global powerhouse in medical and allied health research.

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building-better-bioeconomies icon

Building better bioeconomies

Having enough food for the billions of people living on Earth is a problem we take seriously. We are helping farmers produce better yields and then ensuring the food they grow lasts longer once it hits the market.

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transforming societies icon

Transforming societies

To live together harmoniously, we need some rules, and we must learn from the past. UQ’s humanities and social science researchers show us how to make life better – in housing, heritage, helping out, and having a say.

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designing technology icon

Designing technology for tomorrow

Our expertise is transforming the world of science – from skin cancer and scramjets to sewer systems and outer space, UQ researchers are partnering with industry giants by studying birds and bees to improve navigation.

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Resilient environments and livelihoods

Good health and plenty of food are no use if our world disappears. UQ researchers are on a mission to discover the real impact of climate change and human behaviour, and how we could fix any problems.

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