QEDDI Call for New Projects: Expression of Interest

UQ Researcher? Novel target? Want to develop a drug? Collaborate with QEDDI?

QEDDI provides UQ researchers with access to expert medicinal chemistry and drug discovery capability to identify small molecule drug candidates for commercialisation.

If your research has identified or involves a drug target based on a validated insight into treating a disease then a conversation with QEDDI could lead to a collaboration, commercialisation and a new medicine.

Join this seminar by QEDDI’s Dr Andrew Harvey, Director, Partnerships to hear what QEDDI is looking for in new projects, how QEDDI works with UQ researchers and what is the EOI process.  Download the flyer for details on the call for new projects. Can’t attend?  You can contact a QEDDI or UniQuest person or email enquiries@qeddi.com.au to arrange a discussion about your project.

Event details


3:30 - 4:30pm


Tuesday, 7 September 2021


IMB Multi Media Room 3.141
St Lucia Campus


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Biological target identified and amenable to small molecule modulation

Disease indication in commercially attractive area and unmet need

Biological targets supported by:

- In-vivo and in-vitro disease models
- Mechanism of action insights
- Enabling human genetics
- Biochemical or cellular assay
- Patient validation
- Commercial potential
- Hits/leads if available

New target identification technologies such as protein degradation/stabilisation


Targets not amenable to small molecule modulation

Diagnostic, medical devices, cell-based therapies, vaccines and veterinary medicines


Following this seminar, if you are interested please contact enquiries@qeddi.com.au noting in the subject line ‘EOI interest’

Our team will then contact you to discuss your project and introduce the Expression of Interest (EOI) process

EOIs close on 25 October 2021

How do you create a potential drug for your target?

UQ Diamantina Institute’s Associate Professor James Wells and QEDDI’s Dr Brian Dymock discuss this topic.

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Dr Andrew Harvey
Director, Partnerships, QEDDI


Dr Craig Belcher
Senior Director & Head of Life Sciences


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