2022 Call for proposals on renal diseases

Pfizer's Centres for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI), is a unique joint drug discovery model focused on collaborating with global universities to translate and transform concepts into breakthroughs that change patients' lives.

The 2022 Pfizer CTI Call for Proposals invites submissions for novel target concepts and therapeutic strategies to slow renal decline in the following renal disorders: Polycystic kidney disease; Alport syndrome; Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis; IgA nephropathy.

UQ researchers are invited to discuss with UniQuest your research in renal disease and its suitability for a potential 1-2 page pre-proposal application.

Areas of interest include:

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Reduction of cyst size, growth & formation
Cilia formation and function
Macrophages and tissue resident immunity
DNA damage response

Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

Targeting glomerular filtration barrier component and cells such as the podocyte
Slowing glomerulosclerosis
Parietal epithelial cell modulation

Alport Syndrome

Collagen replacement or re-expression
Pathways linked to genetic modifiers of renal decline
Basement membrane and cell matrix dynamics

IgA Nephropathy

Mechanisms to reduce IgA deposition or reduce abnormal IgA glycosylation
Mesangial cell response.

Out of scope

Cell-based therapies, broad hemodynamic modifiers, complement inhibitors
Standalone biomarker assays/platforms, medical devices
Mechanisms specifically targeting non-renal manifestation of disease
Drug repurposing.

Technologies, enabling infrastructure & modalities of interest

Small molecules, bio-therapeutics, gene therapy

Nanoparticle delivery to the kidney and kidney specific compartments and cell types

RNA elements driving renal specific expression

AAV Tropism specific to kidney

Gene expression, replacement, re-expression.

Next steps

  • Download Pfizer’s flyer for more details on the areas of interest and the application process
  • Download the pre-proposal application form and discuss with UniQuest
  • Email UniQuest to discuss your research and potential application
  • Submit pre-proposal to pfizer@uniquest.com.au by 6th June 2022. This deadline is for internal review and feedback to researchers by UniQuest.
  • UniQuest will coordinate submissions to Pfizer CTI prior to their deadline of 13th June 2022.

Pfizer Centres for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI)

Call for Proposals is open

Submit completed applications to pfizer@uniquest.com.au by 6th June 2022

The internal deadline for applications to UniQuest is Monday 6th June 2022 for internal review and feedback to researchers.  UniQuest will coordinate submissions to Pfizer CTI prior to their deadline of 13th June 2022.

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Dr Tamsin Terry


Dr David Markwell


Dr George Adamson


Julian Vultaggio


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