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The Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR) Global Scholars Program
Request for Applications opened 12th April 2021

If your research falls within Novartis’ key therapeutic areas of focus then apply to NIBR who is seeking to advance science through their new Global Scholars Program.

Click here to go to the Novartis website as a guide to see their key therapeutic areas of focus.

      1. The research must be in Novartis’ key therapeutic areas of focus.  NIBR’s 2021 scientific needs list is available upon request from UniQuest and must not be shared outside of UQ.  As a rough guide in the public domain, see
      2. Proposals must be oriented to drug target validation and drug discovery.
      3. Proposals are non-confidential.

Program highlights

  • UQ is one of a select group of institutions are invited globally to engage in this opportunity. Through this program, NIBR will support projects translating novel science into validated drug targets and drug discovery and development.
  • Selected research proposals will be funded over three years.  Additionally, scientists can focus on the science while supported by a dedicated NIBR Alliance Manager.
  • Academic scholars will have access to disease area, drug-hunting and translational research expertise from Novartis as part of the Novartis-funded scientific collaboration.

Are you interested?

Email for a copy of NIBR’s 2021 Scientific Needs List, pre-proposal application form
and general information for pre-proposal applicants.

Discuss your non-confidential application with a UniQuest Commercialisation Director.


Deadline for pre-proposal submission is 14th May 2021.

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