The Triple P-Positive Parenting Program is changing the lives of millions of families around the world, thanks to the work of leading researchers at UQ, the foresight of Australia’s leading technology transfer company, UniQuest, and the acumen of licensee Triple P International Pty Ltd.

Beginning as Professor Matt Sanders’ PhD thesis at UQ in 1979, Triple P has evolved into a system of parenting programs for parents with children from birth to age 16.

Light-touch seminars to intensive group-based and one-on-one programs are available and the system is supported by a communications campaign that introduces parents to the concepts of positive parenting.

A large number of research collaborators and students in Australia and overseas have contributed to Triple P’s development and evaluation; but the heart of Triple P’s development remains at UQ’s Parenting and Family Support Centre where Professor Sanders, also a clinical psychology professor, is the director.

With the support of UniQuest, Triple P has progressed from academic endeavour to community practice as a sustainable, global program with more than 62,000 practitioners trained to deliver it worldwide.

Families can now also access the program directly online and a parallel system, Stepping Stones Triple P, has been developed for parents of children with disabilities.

UniQuest negotiated the commercial agreement for the program’s delivery, establishing a licence in 2001 for commercial partner, Triple P International Pty Ltd, to disseminate the program worldwide.

The perpetual licence to distribute Triple P has endured through the substantial growth of the program into a multilevel population-health system regarded as one of the most extensively evaluated evidence-based parenting programs in the world.

The evidence says it works

The latest international research shows learning and practising positive parenting not only increases the wellbeing of children and parents, it also improves the health of communities.

An independent evaluation of Triple P in the Irish Midlands, for example, found parents and children experienced a range of health improvements after undertaking the program.

Typically, research shows parents become more confident in their role, use more appropriate discipline, are less stressed and have less parental distress, and couple relationships improve.

Children became happier, less anxious, had better peer relationships, and children with conduct problems significantly improved.

Community-wide reductions in child maltreatment indicators have been demonstrated in communities where Triple P has been made widely available.

Triple P – A success story

Through Triple P, parents learn a range of strategies to suit their specific family situation.

They develop skills and routines to help raise happy and confident children, manage misbehaviour, set rules and encourage the behaviour they want to see.

They also learn to hold realistic expectations about themselves and their children.

Triple P has caught the attention of experts across the globe.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended evidence-based parenting programs, including Triple P, be integrated into services provided by US medical practices to reduce the toxic effects of poverty on children’s health.

Triple P was also showcased at the White House as part of an initiative to improve outcomes for youth, but particularly boys and young men of colour, showing quality research can inform programs to improve the lives of individuals and families while also providing community-wide benefits.

No other parenting program in the world has an evidence base as extensive as Triple P. It is number one on the United Nations’ ranking of parenting programs.

More than 288 papers evaluating Triple P have been published around the world and almost half are independent.

Matt Sanders, Triple P Parenting Program.
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