UQ is a world leader in Genetics and Genomics, with landmark discoveries in fields spanning human heritable disease, cancer, agriculture and biofuels manufacture. Our level of research infrastructure positions UQ as one of the largest and most sophisticated gene sequencing organisations in Australasia. We are placed at the forefront of gene discovery for a host of diseases including schizophrenia, arthritis, skeletal dysplasias, leukodystrophies and other rare childhood disorders. Through UQ’s operation of the Australian node of the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) and the UQ Centre for Clinical Genomics (UQCCG), we contribute to worldwide efforts to define the genetic link to common tumour types, with a focus on pancreatic cancer and leukaemia, as well as common and rare heritable diseases. In agriculture, the understanding of genetic variants in plants is informing the development of new crops of greater quality and refining the manufacture of biofuels.