The UniQuest Extension Fund is a $32 million investment fund designed to support the start-up ecosystem at The University of Queensland (UQ).

The Fund will provide capital as well as skills and connections to help UQ start-up companies grow their teams, develop commercial-grade products and services, and drive customer acquisition and global expansion.

Investments will be made across three phases of the funding lifecycle of start-up companies:

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$2 million reserve

Initial investment in a project opportunity that has commercial potential prior to start-up company formation

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$10 million reserve

Foundation investment in a start-up company

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$20 million reserve

Subsequent investments in a start-up company

Sources of commercial opportunity

Student start-ups

Research IP start-ups

Alumni start-ups

The Extension Fund will seek to invest in three distinct sources of commercial opportunity at UQ: companies initiated by UQ students through and outside of the UQ Ventures ilab program; through alumni-generated start-ups and those derived as outcomes of UQ research.

Where appropriate, the Extension Fund may co-invest alongside other parties.  These co-investors may be third party entities and may be related to or associated with UniQuest.

The Extension Fund has a broad investment mandate, which is not limited to any particular sector, industry or business model.

The ideal investment opportunity

The following characteristics would constitute the 'ideal investment opportunity', although we acknowledge that such may not be available in the UQ marketplace - especially with student and early stage projects and start-up opportunities

A new technology

or a novel application of technology with potential to drive disruption within a defined market sector

Strong early market validation

where possible evidenced by the business having already generated its first commercial revenue

Founders with exceptional credentials

in terms of specific industry expertise or prior experience in early-stage, high-growth companies

A business model

that delivers (or is likely to deliver) attractive and sustainable unit economics

A target market

that is very large, growing and well-defined

Potential for sustained revenue growth

over the long term

A credible path

for the Extension Fund to exit its investment within a horizon commensurate with the opportunity

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