Significantly improve the ability of quantum dots (QDs) to capture incident light and produce a brighter fluorescence emission. Silica nanocarrier particles act as a scaffold for quantum dots, enabling construction of high density 3D QD arrays with minimal quenching. Better light harvesting enables use of lower power light sources for the same brightness of emission.

Key features

  • Enable longer run-time laptop computers, tablets and cell phones via lower QD display power consumption
  • 20,000-25,000 QDs can be loaded into a single 200 nm diameter nanocarrier particle
  • Porosity and surface chemistry of the nanocarrier can be designed to accommodate different QD sizes and QD coating types respectively
  • QD-loaded nanocarriers suspend in a range of solvents and are easily coated
  • Silica nanocarrier is inert and very stable
  • Demonstrated in QD-based diagnostics applications, now extending to QD displays and lighting.


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