Take Five: an animated educational resource that reduces procedural anxiety in paediatric burns patients and their carers.

Severe parental psychological distress during acute wound care has been shown to exacerbate paediatric distress and recovery times. The Take Five video intervention reduces procedural anxiety and was developed to support the carers of young children (aged 1-6) during their first out-patient dressing change for an acute burn injury.

The 5-minute video resource includes information on procedural preparation, psychological support and behavioural self-coping strategies for parents to assist their child during wound care.

Key features

  • A non-pharmacological procedural pain intervention for young children (aged 1-6) suffering burns injuries
  • 5-minute video resource contains simple whiteboard animations to set the audience’s mind to a learning mood
  • Psychological self-coping strategies use an Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework
  • Content is easily adapted for alternative medical procedures such as operating theatres, lumbar punctures, spinal taps etc
  • Can be easily administered on a tablet using any operating system by a range of health practitioners, including nurses, administrative staff, play therapists etc
  • Carers reported high intentions and confidence in using behavioural strategies.

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