A Supercritical CO2 (sCO2) power block can be integrated with existing or new gas engines to further improve efficiency and reduce per-MWh emissions by capturing exhaust heat and converting it into useful power.  Researchers at The University of Queensland have developed a Supercritical CO2 turbine suitable for power outputs from 1 to 15MW.  When used in an sCO2 power block for optimised exhaust gas heat recovery, efficiency in excess of 20% is achievable, twice the efficiency of a steam cycle at similar scale.

The research team recognised that the key challenges of sCO2 turbomachinery were related to the management of heat flows and thermal distortion. Numerous design breakthroughs identified solutions to these challenges. In 2020 the design was formally reviewed by an independent, US-based research organisation and commended for its innovative features.

Key features

  • Increase power output by 10-30%
  • Heat recovery on the prime mover’s skid
  • No steam economiser or evaporator
  • for reciprocating engines and gas turbines
  • stationary or marine applications.


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