Plant chemistries provide benefits by enabling the control and/or enhancement of plant growth processes such as seed germination, stem, leaf and root elongation, flower and fruit formation and/or ripening, as well as abiotic stress resilience and disease suppression.

Researchers at the University of Queensland have developed the Plant NanopatchTM which represents an innovative approach for micro-dosing plants with chemistries essential to broadacre agriculture, horticulture, nursery production, revegetation following bushfires etc.

The ability to fine-tune and ensure slow release profiles for both classic and novel chemistries are key benefits of the technology. This attribute enables users to significantly limit user exposure and decrease costs 100-1000 fold per plant.  As a result, incorporating chemistries into the Plant NanopatchTM enhances regulatory certainty because delivery is well below strict new toxicity thresholds.

Key features

  • Precision application of novel and classic plant chemistries
  • Improved environmental and human safety profiles when applying plant chemistries
  • Produced from sustainable, biodegradable and petrochemical-free sources.

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