Yeast-based expression systems are commonly used to produce both recombinant proteins and small molecules. Overexpression of a gene by increasing its copy number is generally desirable, but that copy number (and therefore yield) is often traded for other important factors such as growth efficiency and/or unstable modifications.

Researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ) have developed a technology for targeted and stable integration of a gene of interest in a manner that affords control of copy number and – when tested on a range of target genes in S. cerevisiae – increased protein expression compared to standard yeast systems.

Key potential benefits

  • Increase expression yields of small molecules and recombinant proteins by amplifying gene copy number
  • Targeted and stable genomic integration of construct(s) without harsh selection conditions
  • Compatibility with many synbio circuits for auto-induction of protein expression
  • Proof-of-concept data in yeast, but potential application in other cell-based expression systems.
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