The Latch-On® – Literacy and Technology Hands On – is a post-school literacy program transforming the lives of young adults with intellectual disabilities around the world.

Literacy skills are fundamental to informed decision-making, personal empowerment, and active participation in society.  In the past, post-school options for people with intellectual disabilities has been focused on work placement and recreational activities with little in the way of literacy development opportunities.

Developed by a team of researchers at The University of Queensland, Latch-On® is an evidence-based program that enables young adults with intellectual disabilities to continue their literacy and numeracy development in a post-school environment.  The part-time, two year program combines traditional teaching styles with technology instruction and is delivered to students aged 18+.

Latch-On® helps participants to:

  • enhance literacy and numeracy, self-confidence and independence
  • enhance self-concept and life opportunities (work-placement) through the expected positive outcomes of literacy and numeracy development
  • provide links and foster friendships through literacy, numeracy and technology with others across their communities.

Latch-On® has been mapped to the National Foundation Skills Training Package qualification: Certificate 1 in Access to Vocational Pathways (FSK10113).

Visit the Latch-On® website.

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