iAx: Fast-tracking assessment to help clinicians treat patients with substance-use disorders.

Despite a strong evidence-base for standardised assessment instruments when treating patients with substance-use disorders, translation into clinical practice is challenging due to time constraints and the administrative burden associated with paper-based assessments.  The iAx was developed by health practitioners for health practitioners to improve the assessment and treatment of substance-use disorders quickly and effectively ‘on-the-ground.’

iAx is a simple and easy-to-use software that digitally collects patient responses to evidence-based questionnaires to inform clinical pathways to treatment.  These responses can be collected on a tablet or PC using any operating system.  Patient data is de-identified, with a unique patient identifying code used to link the patient data to the patient’s file on a clinic’s system.

Key features:

  • Removes the time barrier for scoring and interpretation in a clinical setting
  • Instantly scores responses, benchmarks against clinical averages, and visualises results for immediate use by practitioner
  • Easily modified/interchanged for different validated measures, eg cannabis, alcohol, opioid use questionnaires etc
  • Data capture includes severity of symptoms, frequency of cravings, patient confidence in controlling addiction
  • Progress can be tracked over time and treatment adjusted where necessary
  • Assessment can be easily administered on a tablet using any operating system.

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