The natural nitrogen cycle has a number of avoidable losses through leaching and run-off of nitrate into waterways, and nitrous oxide emissions. Modern agriculture is driving the demand for higher levels of nitrogen than what is found in native soils, which is addressed by application of nitrogen fertilisers.

However, frequent fertilizer application leads to enormous economic costs and environmental burdens associated with nutrient pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, strategies must be developed for improving nitrogen use efficiency. Clay-based soil amendments can help with the environmental sustainability, technical effectiveness of restoring degraded soils and enhancing crop yields.

Key Features

  • Simple, cost-effective method for preparing sub-micron sized clay particles
  • Enhanced ammonia immobilisation capacity and high loading of nitrification
    inhibitor; minimize N leaching and N2O emission
  • Enhanced soil fertility, nutrient retention capacity, and the capacity to protect groundwater from cation leaching.
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