CarFreeMe is an effective, evidence-based and client-centered approach to improve outcomes and support people to manage the decision to stop driving

Driving represents independence and freedom and can be seen as vital for a social and active lifestyle. Older adults and people with health conditions may need to, or choose to, stop driving. This can have a negative impact on their quality of life and health.  The losses associated with no longer driving include difficulties with mood and adjustment, a decrease in participation in activities such as essential medical appointments, leisure interests and social engagements. This may put people at risk of isolation, depression and poor health outcomes.

Developed by a multi-disciplinary team from The University of Queensland, CarFreeMe is a six-week program delivered by a trained CarFreeMe provider who is a health professional who has completed the training.

CarFreeMe helps participants in many ways:

  • owning their decision to stop driving
  • feeling more in control of planning
  • having a concrete plan
  • increasing confidence and comfort
  • still going wherever they want to go.


Visit the CarFreeMe website.

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