QEDDI is the Queensland Emory Drug Discovery Initiative, a business unit of UniQuest.

QEDDI’s team of industry-experienced scientists collaborate with academics to translate university research across multiple disease areas with the aim of discovering new medicines.

Based at The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience, and operational since 2016, QEDDI is a drug discovery and development capability leveraging UQ’s research infrastructure. It has core capabilities and expertise in medicinal chemistry, compound screening and profiling, and industry-standard project management.

Advancing biomedical research

Through collaboration with academic researchers, QEDDI provides a unique opportunity to advance biomedical research to new candidate therapeutics, enabling commercial partnerships to bring new medicines to the public. QEDDI has a commitment to address unmet needs across all human health and aims to develop a project portfolio across several therapeutic areas.

Current projects

QEDDI’s current projects, supported by its team of drug discovery experts, external collaborators and distinguished international advisory committee, seek to identify novel treatments for important diseases including: cancer, inflammatory disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Unique licensing and investment opportunities are available through UniQuest for QEDDI’s pipeline of novel therapeutic, validated and de-risked drug leads.

Advance Queensland initiative

QEDDI is supported by The University of Queensland, UniQuest, and
the Queensland Government through the Advance Queensland initiative.

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