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Opportunities for Students

Your fresh and innovative thesis topic may lead to research with significant commercial potential.

As a Higher Degree Research student, commercialisation may launch your research into the global marketplace and take you on career course you never imagined possible.

We have worked with students to develop their research into new services and products, improved manufacturing processes, and devices – with some seeing their innovations implemented around the world.

For you personally, the outcome may vary from receiving royalty fees to leading the R&D in a start-up company; regardless, you will gain invaluable commercial experience and skills.


  • Career advancement, expanded career options and enhanced employability - Innovative research with commercial application is widely respected in both academia and industry and opens up a raft of opportunities.   
  • Revenue from your ‘product’ can fund further R&D    -  With an alternative funding source, leaving you less reliant on the competitive grants cycle, you can pursue greater research autonomy.
  • Personal economic gain - Students share in the proceeds of commercialised innovations as identified inventors, co-inventors and contributors.
  • Professional development and peer recognition - While gaining commercial experience, you can continue to publish your research outcomes and apply for patents.
  • Helping society - Applying your research in the community can have enormous benefits, from improving people’s health and wellbeing to creating new jobs and economic strength.

Do you have an idea with commercial potential? UniQuest runs an annual competition with cash prizes for students with innovative ideas, Trailblazer.

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