9:00am Thursday, 10 March

IMB Large Seminar Room 3.142, Queensland Bioscience Precinct (#80)

You are invited to attend a presentation by Dr Paul Thwaites, Head of Regional R&D and Kim Agnew, R&D Consultant at Merial. Merial's products cover the spectrum from preventive vaccines and parasiticides for pets or farm animals, to therapeutic medicines that treat key diseases in certain species. 

Merial's R&D divisions include:


  • Molecular and active compound targets against internal and external parasites of pets or farm animals
  • Novel technologies for oral, topical, and injectable drug delivery, including flavor formulations, long-acting technologies, and device design
  • Infectious and inflammatory conditions in pets, especially skin, urinary, respiratory, and pain-related.


  • Vaccine technologies, including: novel vectors and adjuvants; delivery mechanisms; and production and preservation methods
  • Bio-therapeutics for chronic diseases in pets 
  • Biological or therapeutic treatments that enhance the productivity, health, and wellbeing of farm animals
  • Infectious disease of pets or farm animals
  • Diseases of public health or zoonotic concern.

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For more information, please contact Duncan Ferguson at d.ferguson@uniquest.com.au or call (07) 3365 4037.

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