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About UniQuest

UniQuest Pty Limited has been operating as the main commercialisation company of The University of Queensland (UQ) since 1984.  UniQuest operates with an independent board and reports to UQ through UQ Holdings Pty Limited.

The UniQuest commercialisation strategy is built around two key objectives: adding demonstrable value to UQ and achieving financial sustainability.  Our commercialisation model is de-centralised with a flexible, market-facing approach to the choice of commercialisation pathway.  UniQuest is focussed on commercialising the expertise and intellectual property of UQ supported by an aligned and over-arching industry engagement strategy, focussed on UQ’s research strengths. 

Our Intellectual Property Commercialisation (IPCom) group is focussed on research collaborations, licensing and start-up company creation. There is a greater focus on licensing versus start-up company creation. The IPCom group is deployed across the research base of UQ, within embedded roles organised into four discipline teams: Health; Science; Engineering, Materials and ICT; and Social Enterprise. 

The Research Expertise Commercialisation (ExCom-Research) group is focussed on non-intellectual property based consulting and research contracts at UQ.  They work alongside our IPCom group through the discipline channels of Health; Science; Engineering, Materials and ICT; and Social Enterprise. 

Our International Expertise Commercialisation (ExCom-International) group delivers development projects internationally and is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading university-owned development groups.

Having created over 70 start-up companies, UniQuest has a central team to manage its start-up company and licence assets as a portfolio.

UniQuest is responsible for running the Queensland State Government’s technology incubator ilab at UQ’s Long Pocket campus. 

The operations of UniQuest are supported by our finance, legal, contracts, patents and administration team.